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2011 Oprah Winfrey does not you to know about the chemicals that are questionable and controversial in daily used personal care and beauty cosmetics.

Read the article here

Read about Dr. Perricone's line of controversial, questionable ingredients, not so safe.

What’s in Anti-Aging Cosmetics

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Updated March 5, 2011 What Oprah doesn’t want you to know about cosmetics she has endorsed on her shows from Dr. Perricone.

Oprah’s website says that the ingredients in Dr. Perricone’s cosmetics are FDA approved? Can you believe this? Oprah, this chemical is as we say, not as the FDA approves and hardly a recommendation to your fans that it is at all safe.

Now here is an excellent excerpt from Oprah’s site on a page from Val Says: which is total and utterly false:

We are quoting it :

” On the other hand, according to the FDA, levels of parabens in cosmetics are so low that it’s “implausible that [they] could increase the risk associated with exposure to estrogenic chemicals,” meaning that the FDA thinks they’re safe. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review, an organization that assesses the safety of ingredients in cosmetics, supports that conclusion. And parabens do keep nasty microbes from invading our lotions and creams.

You can read it here See Oprah FDA Approved Nano Products


Read more of what Oprah says on this subject : OPRAH’S WEBSITE

There is no scientific proof -FDA or otherwise, not that we would accept an FDA approved chemicals as safe in any product including skin creams and so called anti-aging products. In fact the products will age your skin and face faster than the normal rate of aging.

Oprah Duped by Nano Dr. N. Perricone-Carcinogens in Cosmetics

A Seven Part Mini Series on Anti-Aging Product by world acclaimed Doctor-shatters myths about Anti-Aging cosmetics. Part 1 in the series discusses the ingredients and all seven videos will clarify intelligent cosmetics purchases.

The targeting of an aging population seeking anti-aging products especially women and cosmetics is ripe for skin products but what is in these products?

Today women have choices but are they reading the labels of what they are putting on the largest organ of their body-the skin. The introduction of products on the skin is the quickest way to either enhance or detract from the aging process. Therefore people must be aware that you can introduce harmful or beneficial ingredients into their bloodstream in an instant.

The most beneficial products use organic, non-chemical and nutritious ingredients such as organic coconut oil, organic vegetable extracts and other natural products which do not contain chemicals or pharmaceuticals into the mix.

Today modern methods of cosmetics incorporate pharmaceuticals with cosmetics which is called a cosmeceutical. See Wikipedia for a more compete definition of the ingredients of cosmetics. The question is are these cosmetic ingredients safe when combining pharma ingredients and cosmetics together? No they are not.

Both Sides of the Anti-Aging Cosmetic Business

On one hand you have products such as cosmeceuticals in a billion dollar industry which is basically unregulated by the FDA. The allowance of harmful ingredients such as the new nano particles introduced in anti-aging cosmetics have been allowed on the market.

On the other hand you have doctors who appear to be dedicated to helping women appear on the Oprah Show with her full endorsement and promotion that need investigating further. One such doctor appeared on the Oprah Show and his name is Dr. N. Perricone.

Now Oprah does mean well but lacks the scrutiny of investigations on her website and basically her material confirms the safety of ingredients such as: parabens as we see in an article:

The Chemicals that Might Be Lurking in Makeup

But getting back to Dr. Nicholas Perricone there is much left unsaid on Oprah’s website about this doctor and the nano particles in his cosmetic products. What is a nano particle? We searched for nano particles on Oprah’s site and found more ads about Celebrity Favorite Gifts, Favorite things for Summer and such dribble that it does not provide her fans with a very serious flaw in anti-aging products or cosmetics which contain nano particles. We also searched for nano particle cosmetics and found links to irresistible makeup and not one article on nano particles.

Our guess is that Oprah doesn’t know much about what is really in cosmetics targeted for women or about the nano particles in womens products. Here is a complete story about what you should know about Anti-Aging cosmetics and we are not selling any on this website. Read more to find out why.

The Skinny of Nano Particle Ingredients in Cosmetics

Dr Sam Epstein a world wide expert in cancer prevention provides details on what you should know about the science of cosmetics you won’t find on Oprah’s website

Read more:

Learn about safe and healthy products without controversial ingredients here


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