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News from 2006 and Prior

2006-No Fluoride to Babies, Too Dangerous

2006-Teen Body Burden Study


2006-Do Cosmetics Cause Airway Allergies?

2006 Cosmetic Companies and Cancer -Think Before you Pink

2006-Tell FDA to get Rid of Harmful Nano Chemicals in Cosmetics

2006-PEG Compounds in Cosmetics

2006-Impact of Fragrance

2006- FDA-Depth of Toxic Chemicals in Our Daily Used Products

2006 Gov Signs Bill for Biomonitoring Chemicals in People

2006 Dangers of Bisphenol

2006-Breast Cancer Action against Body Shop

2006-Bayer and Hidden Knowledge about their  Dangerous Chemicals

2006-Study Finds Silver Fillings Not Harmful, Do you Believe it?

2006-Cancer Alert Tin and Plastic Bottles Pose Health Risk

2006 Another Aspartame/Cancer Peer Reviewed Study from Environmental Health Perspectives

2006-Autism could affect twice as many children as previously believed

2006 Fluoride Dangers EPA

2006-Coke and Pepsi Ban in India

2006 More Fluoride Dangers

2006- Hirzy Fluoride Professional Ethics and Honesty

2006 Aspartame Dangers Betty Martini

2006-Progesterone Cream and Prop 65 CA

2006-Rebuttal on Safety of Progesterone Cream

2006-From Six Wise.com- Chemicals in Products

2006-From Sic Wise.com-PEG Compounds in Cosmetics

2006-Please Take Action- PVC phased out at Wal  Mart

Side Effects the movie.com (about the pharmaceutical industry)

2006-Dangerous Levels of Lead in Lipsticks

2006- Dr. Samuel Epstein's Newest Book-What's In your Milk?

2006- The "Look Good Feel Good Program", Dr. Samuel S. Epstein

2006-From Healthy Living-Toxic Cocoamide DEA, TEA, Mea found in products

2006-Organic News, Genetically Modified Food Dangers

2006-More Info about Cocoamide DEA, TEA, MEA -Toxic Chemicals

2006-More Chemicals forming in Consumer Products

2006- Gov Studies-Benzophenone and Octyl methoxycinnamate- Sunscreens

2006-Benzene in Your Soda? From FDA

2006-Tricolsan toxins in Toothpastes and Other Consumer Products

2006-10 Most Unwanted Ingredients in Personal Care and Beauty Products

2006-Depth of Toxic Chemicals in Products

2006- Butter or Margarine Interesting Article

2006- Breast Cancer Action-Tell Opi Nail polish to take out harmful chemicals

2006- Americans Absorbing Chemicals from Cosmetics-Erin McClam Associated Press Writer

2006- Going Fragrance-Free in Massachusetts

2006- Pesticides and Kids

2006- The Ugly Side of Pretty Rebecca Ephraim, R.D., C.C.N

2006- Are Toxic Military Substances- Deadly Chemtrails in our Skies?

2006- Common Synthetic Fragrances and Illness harm wildlife and humans-NIH

2006- Childrens Health Environmental Coalition-Lundquist- Ugly Side of Fragrances

2006- Aspartame Dangers noted again-take it off the market-Jeff Rense

2006- March-Toxic Mold Affects Learning Abilities-Environmental Health Perspectives

2006-Feb- Environment California New Bill to Ban Toxic Chemicals

2006- Article on the Impact of Fragrances on the Skin

2006- Neurotoxins and children-Environmental Health Perspective

2006- Jan- New Car Fumes Toxic- Press Release-Environmental Health Network

2006- Jan. 20- Beauty to Die For- News Target-by Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D

2006- Jan. 30- CA -Toxic Chemical Detection bill passed the assembly, now on to the Senate!

Timeless and Important Health News

Sodium lauryl sulfate dangers

2005- Reminder from 2001 Secrets of the Chemical Industry Moyer Investigation re PV and PVC dangers

2005-Sept-Mammograms cause breast cancer Article

2005- Important Reminder About Sodium Laurel Sulfate -JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF TOXICOLOGY Volume 2

2005-July- Campaign for Safe Cosmetics-Tell Avon to Clean up Their act and get the harmful chemicals out of their products

2005-May 16th- LA Times--European Union Rules Forcing U.S. Firms to Clean Up toxic chemicals in cosmetics

2005- Epstein, CPC, Baby Product Safety Press Release

Timeless Over the last 100 years, the rate of cancer in the US has risen considerably

2005- DP-Detroit Free Press Article about Fragrances Smelling Good - Unfortunately they are Carcinogens

2005-Reprint-FDA Consumer Reprint--Cosmetic Ingredients- Understanding the Puffery

1997- Francesca Lyman- What the Nose Knows

Learn about your Decisions and Rights as Health Product Consumers and How to find Safe, Effective Alternatives to and Avoid Harmful Chemicals in your Daily Personal Care and Beauty Products

Read the Scientific Facts and Research about the Chemicals in Your Everyday Personal Hygiene and Beauty Products


Cancer Prevention Coalition for Los Angeles

I, Shelley Kramer, am the local Office Director of the Los Angeles chapter of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, Educational and Advocacy organization, helping to Promote Awareness to reduce environmental toxins in the home, school, workplace and Environment.
Cancer Prevention Coalition website

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