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May, 2007-National Children's Study Funded and Recruiting
Breast cancer risk starts in childhood: Exposure to certain toxic chemicals in the womb and during infancy can lead to early puberty and an increased risk for breast cancer. Last year, BCF asked you to tell Congress to increase funding for the National Children’s Study. You did, and they heard you. In January 2007, Congress appropriated $69 million to jumpstart this landmark study.

The National Children’s Study is now preparing to recruit eligible women and their families. The study has designated 105 locations across the United States where it will recruit and enroll eligible participants and track them from before birth until their 21st birthdays.

Study Director Peter Scheidt reports, "We can now begin the true work of the study, working with families and communities to uncover the root causes of what makes children sick and what keeps them healthy. This is a giant step forward for our children.” And a giant step forward for breast cancer prevention.

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BCF-Sponsored Laws Copied in Other States
Two bills that were successfully passed into law in California are now under consideration in several other states. The burgeoning issue of cosmetic safety (and lack of regulation by the FDA) has inspired Oregon, Washington and Maryland to pursue legislation, either ingredient disclosure bills similar to the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005 or bills banning phthalates in cosmetics. And the urgent need to learn which chemicals are polluting people has spurred Indiana, Illinois and Washington to look at biomonitoring legislation in 2007.

If you live in one of these states, these bills need your support! Watch your local newspapers for information about the bills, and learn how you can support them as they pass through the state legislature.

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