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 June, 2007

A novel approach to reducing skin cancer risk

A couple days ago, a new Australian study was published that
looked at over 1,300 adults.  The results "hinted" that diets
high in meat, fats, sugars and processed foods (canned, boxed,
bagged) "increased the risks" (a nice way to say "caused") of a
type of skin cancer... squamous cell carcinoma.

The other factor they looked at was which and how many fruits
and vegetables the participants ate.

They found that the high fruits and veggies group had lower
incidence of cancer and those who ate more meat and processed
foods foods had higher rates...

Yeah, this study and the 241,458 other studies that came before

So does this latest study that cost Australian taxpayers are
mint matter at all?

Not unless you are the type of person who, when they hear about
something good for them, follows the advice.

But who among us over the age of 25 hasn't been exposed
information implicating processed foods and meet any exploding
rates of cancer and obesity?


The value of these kinds of studies is not so much on an
individual basis, because people generally make their food
choices, sadly, not on what is best for their health and energy
levels but on what tastes the best.

No... the value of studies like these come in handy when
governments and schools finally end up banning the unhealthy
choices in certain places.

In New York City, for example I heard that hydrogenated oils
(the kind found in most boxed foods, candies and margarine) are
going to be banned in all restaurants soon.

That's awesome.

So as always, on a daily basis, your health comes down to your
own personal choices, not what someone else chooses for you.
Unhealthy foods will always be accessible to those who want it,
and so will healthy foods.

The goal, then, is to not want what will harm you.

The goal must be to have the will to do what is best for you.

The goal, if you want to live a long, healthy and productive
life, must be to fall in love with veggies and fruits... because
they are proven to increase your energy, make you feel good and
reduce your likelihood of getting all kinds of nasty diseases
including cancer.

Our taxes are funding thousands of studies that prove it.

And that is where behavior modification programs come in.

Because when you crave the things that are good for you and run
from the things that are bad, there is no struggle, there is no
temptation... only good results.


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