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Mosaic Wall Art , I pad Paintings, Mosaic Pottery...more

Don’t miss out on your chance to have one of a kind artwork

Welcome to My Mosaic Artwork site! Mosaic Art created from glass, tiles, dishes, mirrors, jewelry, your items

Wall Hangings, Pottery, Candle Holders, Flower Vases,  Mailboxes, Boxes..more

 Mosaic Art with Dishes, Glass, shells and Words  10 "X 18 and larger starting at $150

Wall Art, stepping stones, garden art 8" pottery starting at $150 -8" X 8 to 15"


Grout can be many different colors



4 sides of a 4 sided mailbox, ungrouted. 4 Sides Starting at $150 per side


Wall Art with Dishes starting at $125 for 12" X 12  Friends trivet 8" X 8 $75


         Imagine Wall Art,  $200.00


Dream, ungrouted


Sold $350 2015




  Stepping Stone (unfinished)  8 X 8 $150






House, Apt, Condo Numbers $25 per number $100 minimum







  Candle Holders, $25.00




Assortment of ungrouted pots 5" 4 sides



Below is how a mosaic pot is started, on a flat surface

Mosaic Pottery with dishes, stained glass, 12" pots starting at $200

8"pots starting at $150



Wall Art, garden art starting at $150

I Pad Designs for Mosaic art

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