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Shelley Kramer started Creative Environments in 1974, Creating Tropical Paradises with Interior Design Elements specializing in  interior plants, trees, floral arrangements and artwork in homes, offices, restaurants, and clothing showrooms in the LA Clothing Mart.  Also creating floral arrangements for parties, weddings, Graduations, Bas/Bar Mitzvahs.  Founding member of the California Interior Plantscape Association (CIPA).  In 1978  I was on the 6pm NBC News , 2 nights on the David Horowitz Consumer guidelines show as a Professional Interiorscaper.  Also seen on BBC Sky 1 TV (England) UK  in October, 2000,  as "Plant and Flower Lady to the Stars. Titled "English Chars to the Stars Show."

Providing the community with Interior Plant and Floral service based on weekly, bi monthly, or monthly rates, and consultations, which vary, depending on the size and amount of plants. Many references available. "Plant lady to the stars" as seen on TV. Call for estimate or quote.

Shelley R. Kramer-310 457 5176 

Sigmund Freud: "Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions or conflicts." 

"Plants give fresher air to the the environment and something for people to keep their body and mind busy." Artwork gives yet another dimension to your environment.

Samples of Floral arrangements


















Rose Balls on Pedestals Wedding                        Lilys, roses, Queen Annes Lace            Cymbidium Orchids                                                                  


Guzmania Bromeliad                     Coleus                                                                                 

Premier Executive Center - from the portfolio of Interior Plant Scapes       MacGregor Baptist Church - from the portfolio of Interior Plant Scapes

Fishtail Palm, Rhaphis palm, Ficus, Silver Queen, Bromeliads, Pothos, Bird of Paradise

Florida Gulf Bank - from the portfolio of Interior Plant Scapes   Orion Bank - from the portfolio of Interior Plant Scapes

Silver Queen, Areca Palm, Neanthebellum, Dracena Marginata, Flower Arrangements


Dracena Marginata, Bromeliad, Orchid, Rhaphis Palm Kentia Palm, Flower Arrangement

     Shelley's Mosaic Art see more..




The Plantscape Industry has made many compelling plant benefit claims:


Plants decrease employee stress and enhance productivity by 12%
Plants contribute oxygen in "Green Building" programs
Plants in the workplace help attract and retain today's selective employee
The aesthetic value of plantscaping is the primary ROI for plant investments
Plantscaping helps create energy efficiency without Sick Building Syndrome

NASA Research

Over 25 years ago, NASA became aware of the potential indoor air pollution problems in manned space shuttles and space stations.  These concerns culminated in a (2) year research
program aimed at finding out whether plants in a sealed, controlled environment could
eliminate common household and work-related pollutants.

Researchers found that one potted plant per 100 square feet of floor space can help
    clean the air in the average home or office.  In more sophisticated approaches, new
building designs can incorporate plant-filtering systems built into atriums, lobbies and

According to Dr. William Wolverton, NASA's principal investigator in this research:

"Low levels of chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, can be removed
    from indoor environments by plant leaves alone, while higher concentrations of
numerous toxic chemicals can be removed by filtering indoor air through the plant
roots surrounded by activated carbon.
The carbon absorbs large quantities of toxic chemicals and retains them until the plant
    roots and associated microorganisms degrade and assimilate these chemicals."


Bombarded with toxic fumes from carpets, furniture, office cleaning products, and copy
machines, the average employee is inundated with toxic chemicals indoors.

According to the EPA, "Employees who work in buildings of man made materials inhale
    over 300 contaminants every day."

"My  Wedding Bouquet- My Mom, Shirley Marks, and Me, Shelley (Marks) with my "first corsage"

Wedding Bouquet: Orchids, roses, stephanotis, Queen Anne's Lace, Lilies   

I started out early in the garden, loving flowers and plants



Floral arrangement Prices Vary Depending on  kind of flowers, Quantity, Season, Color, Containers, delivery Location

Service provided locally in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Ventura County

Shelley Marks, above, in the Greenhouse, 1974, Santa Monica  Evening Outlook Newspaper Report on Interior Plantscapers and their successful businesses.   

                  Shelley Marks-Kramer, Impressionist Artist                                Please visit my "Fine Art Impressionist Painting Webpage" to cover your walls with Impressionist Art

Artistic Art and Tile Work, Murals and 'trompe l'oeuil (Or l'oeil) and Faux Painting for Home, Office

Click here to see pictures of tile art and mural work

For more information on any of the above service plans, please call

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