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Los Angeles


This is a shocking picture of the inside of supposed chemtrail planes.Forgive me, I don't know its source. Found it on facebook and thought I'd share.


What in the world are they spraying?

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Los Angeles

Find out more at the website, see the videos, see the chemicals tested in laboratories and what is really coming out of those small planes that emit tons of trails of chemicals in all sorts of "patterns" across our skies?

Why are so many people coming down with respiratory and other illnesses when these planes are spraying?

Why are there white round spots on my car?

Learn all you can from the above website and links to it

Learn how you can help yourself and the planet.

Don't we want our skies to look like this?


Links to more skywatch resources

 What are Chemtrails Used for?


Chemical Trails in Our Skies

Many dangerous chemicals in European blood


Researchers explore relationships between this environmentally induced illness and addiction


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More link pages abput chemicals being sprayed on us
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