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Ideas for Educational (on pesticides and chemicals) tools/kits for parents

I have an idea. Why don't you guys post an educational packet for parents to take to their schools regarding pesticides, and indoor air quality. I would be willing to work with you with the information we have found to be successful in Missouri. For instance the Mt. Sinai Medical School Press release that states pesticides are KNOWN to cause ADD, Autism, etc. Also information from the Children's Protection Division of EPA that states pesticides cause reduced intellect. The President's executive order for childrens environmental safety would be good too. I was told the Children's EPA was updating their web site and were going to post the Neurotoxicity Congressional report. This is very powerful too.

Also information from the AMA and ALA that states perfumes are asthma triggers and the 1991 EPA report of the 20 most common chemicals in fragrances. Info on where the schools can get the Tools for Schools kit for free. This will give parents the tools they need to get started
in their area and would also provide education to parents just learning of household/school environmental hazards.

For safe products without harmful chemicials

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