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From Page 243 of the Breast Cancer Prevention Program co-authored by Dr.Samuel S. Epstein:

"Purchase Safe and Healthy Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Cosmetics free from carcinogenic synthetic chemicals are available in natural
product supermarkets or health food stores, or from chains of special
distributors. These include Neways International, Aubrey Organics, Dr.
Hauschka, Ecco Bella, and Paul Penders."

All but Neways International are over the counter products. Neways is a
network marketing company and you can probably locate a distributor in your
area by going to Neways has both cosmetics, personal care
and health products that are approved by the Cancer Prevention Coalition.

To my knowledge there are only two toothpaste's that do not have  the
"Contact your poison control center" warning. One is the Sensodyne for
sensitive teeth in a pink package, and the Neways Radiance toothpaste.

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