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Going Fragrance-Free
POSTED: 6:35 am EST March 7, 2006
UPDATED: 11:05 am EST March 7, 2006
BOURNE, Mass. -- A Cape Cod high school may soon be the first in the state free of all colognes, perfumes, scented deodorants and body sprays. ...
It IS the combinations of chemicals,
states UC Professor Tyrone Hayes
in Oakland Tribune article about pesticides.

It IS the environment states
Breast Cancer Action and Breast Cancer Fund
in an Oakland Tribune article about breast cancer.

It IS the combination of fragrance chemicals,
as well as individual petrochemically derived chemicals,
state Betty Bridges, RN (FPIN) and Barb Wilkie (EHN)
since petitioning the FDA May 11, 1999.
Write to the FDA . . . tell them to protect your health
by regulating the flavors and fragrance industry.
Put Docket Number 99P-1340 on your subject line.
E-mail FDA Dockets at
At 9:30 a.m., PST, Wednesday, Mar 7, 2006 the poll runs at 45% approve of ban of fragrances and 49% disapprove
I wonder how many who disapprove -- despite the fact that the story gives some of the symptoms -- have any idea of the toxic chemicals in fragrances and how they can leave the user to seriously affect the health of all others, regardless of their current health conditions.
And, I further wonder if the people living with or dying prematurely from environmentally caused lung cancer -- that apart from smoking -- happen to be, or have been, users of fragranced products. When will researchers start looking at the plethora of fragrance chemicals -- tens to hundreds of chemicals used for any one fragrance -- as to possible cause of those otherwise "unexplained" cases of lung cancer?
For those interested in more information about schools going fragrance-free, please visit EHN's page, Take Heart! and click on Schools (and Universities) --
We ALL are stakeholders when it comes to breathing!

For products without fragrance

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