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2010- I was interviewed by Kathleen Slattery for The Kathleen listen here. Excerpt from Interview:

"Since her mother’s passing from cancer at the age of 56, Shelley Kramer set out to uncover the causes of cancer in our environment and got no further than her medicine cabinet.  Shelley, a cancer survivor herself, who’s had tumors removed from  75% of her right lower eyelid and 1/4" cut out from her upper left lip, researched toxic ingredients in shampoos and cosmetics and has since made it her life’s mission to educate the public on carcinogens found in products we use on our skin every day.

Shelley tells us why the toxic chemicals in personal hygiene products are so dangerous, which ingredients in particular to avoid, and how to find safe alternatives. With no new laws established since 1938 (yet thousands of new chemicals in the marketplace), there is practically no regulation to protect consumers—and all of us are at risk.

You will never look at your personal care products the same way."

Shelley Kramer is the Director of the Cancer Prevention Coalition for Los Angeles. She is a cancer survivor who has made it her life's mission to educate the public on the avoidable risks of cancer from daily used environmental toxins by helping them read labels and understand there are safe alternatives available."

Very interesting and exciting interview, which we both enjoyed.  Our interview was about healthy living and Information on Cancer Prevention Coalition, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, my favorite company, Neways.. Please listen to the interview and let me know how you can become involved with having a healthy home.Also Read about Kathleen Slattery and her many exciting life experiences on her website. 

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