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Fragrances in Neways Products

Neways has traditionally avoided the use of fragrances in our products because of potential concerns, such as the following:

  1. Sensitivity to certain chemical compounds in both natural and synthetic fragrances and reactions to these sensitivities that can vary from mild to extreme.

  2. Certain synthetic fragrances may be combined with potentially harmful chemical byproducts, such as phthalates.

In 2005, the European Union was the first major government to address this fragrance issue, and they identified 26 common allergenic sensitizers. These are chemicals found in both natural and synthetic fragrances—and in fact, some of these chemical compounds are found in a variety of pure natural essential oils.

Upon looking into possibilities for all-natural fragrance (pure essential oils), we found that there were very few natural fragrance components that would achieve a pleasant product essence yet keep the stability of our products intact. As a result, Neways took the opportunity to follow the lead of the European Union in addressing this concern and is one of the first major companies to avoid these potential allergens as we formulate our products.

Neways has carefully selected both natural and synthetic EU allergen-friendly fragrances for use in our product range. Each fragrance is free of phthalates and other potentially harmful chemical byproducts. As a result, the fragrances in the product formulas that require them are safe and allergen friendly, and they have been embraced by our distributors worldwide.

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