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New Shades for Keratonics Hair Color


This November, we are happy to introduce two new shades to our Keratonics Hair Color line! The new shades, Gold Brown and Red Brown, join the original Brown Black, so you will have a greater variety of options when you select your Keratonics Hair Color.

Keratonics Hair Color is an effective, professional-quality, at-home coloring system featuring UrbanScreen Complex. This proprietary pigment-delivery and protection complex imparts beautiful, deep, lasting color; brilliant shine; and 100% gray coverage without many controversial ingredients.

Brown Black is available for orders right now, and we'll send an announcement when Gold Brown and Red Brown become available in November 2012.



Neways Mission

A perfect blend of science and nature

In our ongoing quest to provide safety-conscious alternatives, we’ve identified 3,000 questionable ingredients that we believe should be avoided in product formulations.

Many of these ingredients remain technically legal to use, but Neways strives to avoid them because they are scientifically controversial.

So what’s different about Neways products?

Neways products offer consumers an alternative. Since its humble beginnings 25 years ago, Neways has strived to provide its customers the safest, most effective consumer products in the world. Today our products deliver on this promise more deeply than ever before. As Neways has grown, we have cultivated advanced manufacturing practices and incorporated the latest technologies into our operations for our liquid nutritional products. All of our products undergo rigorous testing in every phase of development, from research and development to quality control.

If you share our concern about questionable ingredients and want to transform your home into a Neways Healthy Home, you can start by choosing from our three main categories the products you are already using and simply purchase them from Neways! We can help you with our large variety of:

  • Health and Wellness Products

  • Personal Care and Beauty Products

  • Household Products

Since incorporating in 1992, Neways has expanded around the globe.   With corporate headquarters in Springville, Utah, Neways employs more than 700 individuals at our two facilities in Utah, and over 1,000 people around the world. Neways has formulated and distributed some of the world's most innovative, safe, and effective products in the categories of nutrition, personal care, and household care.

Through the company’s Healthy Homes™ effort, Neways provides four key benefits:

  • Making bodies healthier with safety-conscious Neways products

  • Making finances healthier through the Neways business opportunity

  • Making communities healthier through humanitarian efforts

  • Making the planet healthier through environmental responsibility.

             Product Lines

Neways helps people maximize their health and beauty while minimizing their exposure to  controversial ingredients. With safety and effectiveness in mind, Neways’ experts combine the best of science and nature to formulate advanced nutritional, personal care, and household products. Nature creates it, science refines it, and Neways delivers it.

  • Health & Wellness—Includes nutritional, weight management, and fitness products

  • Personal Care—Includes cosmetics, skin care, hair care, dental care, and aromatherapy products

  • Household—Includes household, laundry, and automotive products

  • Neways Scientific Advisory Board

    Throughout the product development process Neways relies upon the input from a group of scientists worldwide to ensure that each of our product formulas is considered not only safe but efficacious in the eyes of the scientific community. We have formalized these relationships with the creation of the Scientific Advisory Board. The Scientific Advisory Board includes renowned researchers and academics that provide Neways with insight and counsel on your behalf and with your health in mind.

                    What we don’t put into our products

    In the production of our personal care products we exclude the following ingredients:

    • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

    • Sodium Laureth Sulphate

    • Tallow

    • Aluminium

    • Mineral Oil

    • Talc

    • Lanolin

    • Fluoride

    • Diethanolamine (DEA)

    • Triethanolamine (TEA )

    • Formaldehyde

    • Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)

    • Propylene Glycol

    • Phthalates

    • Our products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients and the raw materials are stringently tested to ensure contaminants are not present.

                    What we do put into our products

    • Stringent quality control standards applied to raw materials and finished products

    • Natural raw ingredients and if no other option, only the safest synthetic alternatives

    • ISO and GMP production standards

    • Biodegradable ingredients

    • Recyclable packaging

    • Innovative and advanced production processes

    • Rigorous safety standards

    • Ecofriendly production techniques (and we DO NOT test our products on animals!).




Watch these Two Short Videos: 12 Reasons Why Neways

 Neways Products and Opportunity

View Starter Pack- Convert Your Bath Pack -9 Products, $75.90 whls



  True Touch Skin Care






Learn about the healthy products from Neways and view the

Catalog online (wholesale prices)

Ask how you can host a healthy home remodel workshop and receive free products


Neways distributors come from every walk of life. They continually drive Neways’ constant worldwide growth by sharing information and products with their friends, family, and communities. Without distributors, the company would not enjoy the success it continues to experience. The following statistics reveal more about Neways distributors:

  • 35% are college graduates, and 75% have attended some college

  • Average age range is 35–54, and 75% are female

  • Approximately 500,000 distributors are active worldwide


Neways employs nearly a thousand people worldwide, including several hundred at corporate headquarters in Springville and Salem, Utah. The executive management team members have several decades of combined experience in their various specialties.

Worldwide Scope

Neways is a leader in the network marketing industry, both domestically and internationally. Ten corporate offices facilitate these operations worldwide:

  • Australia

  • Europe

  • Israel

  • Japan

  • Malaysia

  • Germany

  • China

  • Mexico

  • New Zealand

  • North America

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • Russia

Neways is positioned to grow and prosper with our lucrative business opportunity and unequaled product line. Neways is ahead of the game by  over 25 years with safe, effective and affordable consumer products. 

Operating in 35 countries, Neways provides a lucrative business opportunity to more than 900,000 independent distributors worldwide. Neways is positioned to grow and prosper more than ever. Whether you want to simply make your own home a Neways Healthy Home or also help others do the same, we welcome you to Neways.

Quality You Can Trust

Neways will never compromise on quality. We ensure every product we produce meets our stringent quality standards.

Neways begins by procuring high-quality raw materials and applying rigorous standards to qualify our suppliers, who must meet stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations of the U.S. and other countries. Each of our raw materials is inspected and thoroughly tested in an intensive process that takes as many as five to seven days. After production, Neways’ final products are subjected to a broad range of testing, including microbiological tests, analytical tests, organoleptic testing, and physical testing.

Neways quality labs are staffed by many specialists, including, microbiologists and Ph.D. chemists. Our state-of-the-art facilities features analytical chemistry and physical testing labs and a microbiology lab, as well as advanced testing instrumentation. Neways utilizes outside labs to enhance our capabilities in areas such as biodegradability and environmental testing, human-safety testing, and electron microscopy, as well as in-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies.

When you use a Neways product you can rest assured that it will reflect the best possible quality.


No Animal Testing
Neways does not test any of its products on animals, and we have long been opposed to unnecessary and inhumane animal testing. With products made from safety-conscious ingredients, you can be confident that the formulas you’re getting are mild and gentle, without the need for animal testing.

Our goal is to fill the world with Neways Healthy Homes-homes in which families have replaced products that contain controversial ingredients with safe, effective Neways products. Our products help you maximize your health and beauty while minimizing your exposure to controversial ingredients. With safety and effectiveness in mind, our experts combine the best of science and nature to formulate our advanced products. Nature creates it, science refines it, and Neways delivers it.

Take a look at the  Science  Advisory Board for Neways International

 Controversial Ingredients by the  Neways SAB

Neways is a network marketing company that stands at the forefront of product innovation. Committed to quality ingredients, extensive research, and unique formulas, Neways manufactures and distributes safe, effective, and innovative products that are a perfect blend of science and nature. We incorporate the very latest and most effective health and wellness science and technology in all of our products. We formulate all of our own products, and most products are produced at our primary manufacturing facility in Salem, Utah.


Today's Wellness Opportunities ARE Not Only In The Distribution Of Products, 

 But Even More So In The Distribution Of Information – Called Intellectual Distribution. 

Its easy to Have Beautiful Skin, a Healthy Life, using safe, effective, alternative, Natural and Homeopathic, Personal Hygiene, Exceptional Nutritional and Beauty Cosmetic Products from Neways International. Dedicated to manufacturing safety conscious, alternative resources for the health products industry since 1987. Neways offers a rock-solid company, amazing products, and unparalleled business o0pportunity. Whether you want to simply make your own home a Neways Healthy Home or also help others do the same, we welcome you to Neways. 

We now invite you to review a few of the many reasons which make Neways a unique and prosperous industry leader.

  Cathy and Shelley dancing at convention

Distributor of the Month


   From Neways corporate distributor recognition featuring Shelley Kramer, Crystal Executive for 15 years

Color Clinic for the College Crowd

Shelley Kramer was the most popular girl on campus-among her son's UCLA classmates. She held a TrueTouch® Color Clinic, and the college crowd clamored for more. And that was enough to make Shelley this week's "Truly You" winner! She took home a $25 makeup bag and is now entered into the grand prize drawing. Congrats, Shelley! Make sure you send us a recap of your parties so you too can win! May, 2009

Click here to get the lowdown on Shelley's party...



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      6 Ways to Earn Money with Neways  09-OppFlyer.pdf

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True Touch Color Cosmetics by Neways


Moms Helping Moms with Healthy Homes and Business Opportunity  



Neways Science Advisory Board

Alkalize and Acidic food Rating

 Importance of Acid and Alkaline balance for your health

     Acid- and Alkaline-Forming Foods

    Alkalize Your Body Simply with Baking Soda

     Diet for Skin Problems and  to reduce inflammation in the body, arthritis, fibromyalgia


Alliance Between Neways, Cancer Prevention Coalition and the Children's Health Coalition

Antibiotics from Nature-Essential Oils

Arthritis, Fibromalygia Diet and for immune system

Bananas Information

Brochure for New Ways to

Business Opportunity Meetings:  Check back for next introduction meetings.

     Neways  Torrance  So Cal corporate offices

21535 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 400, Torrance, CA 90503


Candida Information and Help 

Cetylmobility- the product for arthritis, fibromyalgia


Convert Your Bath Pack

Comparison Chart of other MLMs and their European compliance

Convert Your Health Pack


CPC Presentation for Awareness Seminar- Short Version

D'Avolio, Michael, you tube training videos

Detoxification Page of Information

Detox Products recommended

Diet for Arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammation and GERD and Reflux, also helps with Rosacea

Distributor Direct Ship Health Packs

Distributors Page

Durian Fusion Information with Mango, Papaya, Lychee and Longan

Durian Benefits

       More Benefits of Durian

Durian Gives back to Malaysian people

Fruit Eating is very healthful

30 Uses for Eliminator

Getting Started as a working distributor, visit this website

Glutens in Neways products

Hydracial Skin  Defense Daily Moisturizer (formerly Cascading Skin Infusion)

Favorite (my) Neways Products

Frequently asked questions

Fragrance Information 2008

Gift Ideas

Information on environmental toxins at Dr. Samuel S. Epstein's website,


Controversial Ingredients that are NOT in NEWAYS PRODUCTS! 

Healing Power of Enzymes

Healthy Life choices (7 to start with)

Hot Flashes

Hormone Havoc and balance

Kings Court Pack-Durian,Maximol, Noni and Newvera Aloe Vera

Keratonics Haircare, urban sunscreen and protection from environmental toxins

Make the Switch to Safe and Healthy Neways products

Maximol  Minerals more benefits

Menopause article natural actions to take

Menopause Website for more information


MOLD SPRAY      You will need a 32-ounce sprayer

           2 cups water
           1 cup white vinegar
            20 drops tea tree oil

           Spray onto all the crooks and crannies in and around your bath/shower twice weekl

More Eliminator Uses

The Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Neways is a proud corporate sponsor of providing information for kids on internet safety


New Ways to Fundraise website

Notes From Convention 2009

Pictures from 2009 Neways Convention

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

Progesterone Cream -Why  it is Needed

Why Doesn't My Progesterone Work?

What are the side effects of progesterone (Progest, Prometrium)?

Prebiotics and Probiotics Information

Price List for Distributors 2010.pdf

Probiotics and when to take them and when not

Pro Thin Weight Loss Program 

Take a look at the  Science  Advisory Board for Neways International

Skin Care Regine


Sunscreen Information

Sombrero Fact Sheet.pdf

Toxic Beauty, Dr. Samuel Epstein 2009

Crown (Margie Aliprandi's website)– Margie’s distributor training and support site (Training call schedule is found here)
Universal Partners – Great basic getting started info – A site where you can send prospects to learn about Neways and various marketing techniques/systems being used.

The Neways Philosophy Weight Gain and natural progesterone

Why Pick Neways and FAQs?


What Neways International Is All About 

Website (Shelley Kramer's personal) to order products wholesale



Neways gives back to communities from a percentage of product sales




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