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Neways Launches Industry-Exclusive Science Website

Take a look at the  Science  Advisory Board for Neways International

SPRINGVILLE, UTAH (Dec. 16, 2008)-As a wellness industry leader in applying the latest science and technology, Neways ( recently established an innovative new science website at This site draws upon the expertise of Neways' Scientific Advisory Board, which is staffed by five distinguished, highly qualified scientists who help the company fulfill its mission to provide our distributors with safe, effective, and scientifically advanced products.

With most features available exclusively to current Neways distributors, the company's new science website offers several innovative tools, including the following:

  • Well-researched ingredient listing: Neways prides itself on using safety-conscious ingredients to minimize harmful effects. As part of the company's effort to be transparent, this ingredient glossary is part of our ongoing effort to make it crystal-clear which ingredients the company uses in its various nutritional and personal care products.

  • Science library: Neways scientists and Science Advisory Board members continually comb the world痴 scientific literature for new insights and innovations in the fields of nutrition and personal care. At the company's new science website, many of the latest scientific articles are available for distributors to review.

  • Ingredient index: Neways feels so strongly about using on the best ingredients that the company recently conducted an exhaustive review of which ingredients it uses in its products as compared to some of its competitors. While many ingredients remain legal and are considered safe by various regulatory bodies even though scientists have expressed concerns, Neways has chosen not to use controversial ingredients, and the new website's ingredient index provides evidence that Neways indeed leads the industry in avoiding problematic ingredients.

"Other companies have scientific advisory boards, but Neways is different because we give our distributors direct access to these scientists on a continual basis," says Brian Slobodow, president and COO of Neways, Inc. "Through this new science website, our distributors can actually submit questions to be answered by the scientists. Through newsletters and podcasts, our distributors can follow what our scientists are currently doing to help Neways fulfill its mission and philosophy. These communication resources make sharing our story more compelling than ever."

"We're all about educating our distributors and giving them the very best tools for growing their Neways businesses," says Preston Richards, director of product marketing. "With this new website, we're truly breaking new ground by providing our distributors with hard science, not just marketing spin."

Already available in English, Neways' new science website will be rolled out in Japanese, German, and Chinese during January 2009, enabling distributors in the company's major markets around the world to take advantage of the site.

About Neways
Founded in 1992, Neways is dedicated to helping families transform their homes into Healthy Homes. With dozens of safe, effective nutritional and personal care products that are free of questionable ingredients, the company strives to make the world a healthier place, one home at a time.

In addition to providing exclusive products, Neways enhances people's lives with a home-based business opportunity. Nearly 500,000 Neways distributors share the products in 29 countries, with annual revenues exceeding $600 million, almost half of which is paid back to distributors as commissions

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