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Plastics Linked to Health Risks in Humans


filed under 2008: Health News, National News

WASHINGTON (Sept. 16) -- Federal regulators on Tuesday defended their assessment that a chemical widely used in plastic baby bottles and in food packaging is safe, even as the first major study of health effects in people linked it with possible risks for heart disease and diabetes..

"A margin of safety exists that is adequate to protect consumers, including infants and children, at the current levels of exposure," Laura Tarantino, a senior Food and Drug Administration scientist, told an expert panel that has been asked for a second opinion on the agency's assessment of bisphenol A or BPA.

Bisphenol A, a chemical used in baby bottles, food cans and other items, is safe, federal regulators said Tuesday. But a new study that came out the same day suggested that BPA raised a person's risk of heart disease and diabetes.


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