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Press Release February 4, 2003
For Immediate Release
Neways Educates Consumers About Dangers of Phthalates and Other Toxic Substances Found in Personal Care Products  - Salem, UT Neways International, an innovative personal-care solution provider, has identified an immediate need to educate consumers about its phthalate-free products. Long known for their aggressive, pro-active stance against harmful chemicals, Neways International offers a complete line of cosmetic, nutritional and personal care products that contain no dibutyl phthalates. Neways' heavily researched formulations are specifically designed without potentially harmful chemicals found in many mainstream retail personal care products.

Phthalates are a family of industrial plasticizers that are used in products made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which include teethers, rattles, cosmetics and other consumer products. They can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled as fumes, and ingested from contaminated food or children's toys made from materials containing phthalates. According to consumer protection groups, animal studies have demonstrated that phthalates can damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the reproductive system, especially the developing testes. These phthalates are found in many leading beauty care products, including hair spray, deodorant, nail polish and perfume.

Nightly News with Tom Brokaw recently aired a shocking story about toxic chemicals common in the body. "Scientists have found Phthalates that cause birth defects in animals in items like makeup, hairspray, and food wraps," reports NBC's Robert Hager. "A new study indicates we all pick up tiny amounts of an astounding number of chemicals that are know to be dangerous in larger doses."

The study, conducted by Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, tested Andrea Martin and eight others for levels of chemicals known to cause cancer in human or animal tests. "I had 95 chemical contaminants in my little body. And it was very mind blowing," said Martin. Hager reported that the nine tested had on average 52 chemicals known to cause cancer, 62 known to be toxic to the brain, and 65 known to cause birth defects.

While some cosmetic giants are ignoring the phthalate situation, Neways has been leading the fight against controversial ingredients for more than a decade by offering safe alternatives. One year before the European Union banned two forms of phthalates from children's toys, Neways identified phthalates as an industry problem and immediately took measures to ensure that potentially harmful phthalates were not contained in their products.

At the heart of Neways' commitment is a world-class research and development department. Marlin Harmon, Sr. Director of Research and Development, asserted that while phthalates are a cause for concern, there are hundreds of chemicals that are on our priority list, such as DMD Hydontoin and Trans Fatty Acids.

Neways' innovative approach provides unique products for an ever-growing market of informed consumers who are focused on their family's health. Whether its phthalates today, or some unknown pathogen tomorrow, you can be assured that Neways is doing everything they can to support, educate and give families solutions to an ever changing and increasingly toxic environment.

For more information contact: Shelley Kramer, 310 457 5176

NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, story link

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