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By Dan Fagin, Marianne Lavelle and the Center for Public Integrity
(Common Courage Press, 1999)

Toxic Deception shows how the industry uses campaign contributions, junkets, job offers, 'scorched-earth' courtroom strategies, misleading advertising and multimillion-dollar public relations campaigns to keep their products on the market no matter how great the potential dangers.

Toxic Deception is the result of a three-year investigation into the federal government's regulation of toxic chemicals.

The authors used tens of thousands of pages of once-secret government and industry documents, and conducted more than 200 interviews in the creation of this book.

Now in its second edition, Toxic Deception contains an afterword written in December, 1998.

"It's the story of the triumph of a special interest over the public interest."

--Bob Herbert,
The New York Times,
February 17, 1997




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